Things to know

Non-smoking policy

We are now in transition from a facility in which smoking is allowed in leased units to one where there is no smoking.  Although smoking in common areas and in newly-leased units is prohibited, existing tenancies have been “grandfathered”, pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 2006.

Internal review policy

Tenants have the right to review decision made under certain circumstances.  For further details, see: Internal Review

Internal transfer policy

We do not allow internal transfers based on preference of apartment or location. However, in compliance with the requirements of the Housing Services Act, there will be circumstances where internal transfers are required related to occupancy standards and availability. We will also process internal transfer requests where medical or personal needs merit. Unless a household is over-housed, they must have lived in their current unit for at least one year to be eligible for consideration for internal transfer.  For more information, see: New internal transfer policy

Privacy policy

For further details, see:Privacy Policy abridged version for website

Complaints Policy

The Richview Baptist Foundation recognizes that conflict within the Richview community is inevitable.  It is however, the right of the resident to be part of a process which will allow them to exercise effective conflict resolution.  A systematic procedure for dealing with complaints received will be followed.